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Glow like a Firefly! Gain deep strength, increase your stamina, feel powerful and build strong lean muscles with Firefly Barre in the convenience of your home.

Firefly Barre offers transformational barre classes at your home, in a private or semi-private setting, in the Cape Town area.

Hi I Am Paula

I will help you stay accountable and consistent by bringing the workout to you. I will tailor-make the classes to suit your level of fitness and adjust as you get stronger – which I can guarantee you will!

Firefly Barre classes are for everyone, no matter your experience or fitness level. Barre is low-impact which makes it very safe, and high-intensity which makes it highly effective. I teach my classes to an uplifting playlist to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable experience while feeling the burn!

Why choose Barre?


Barre is effective

the small isometric movements done in high repetition work each muscle to its max, building strong, lean muscles in the process.


Barre is safe

the movements are low-impact, thus protecting your joints and building deep stabilizing strength that makes the practice extremely sustainable.


Barre is accessible

because the movements are small and low-impact, Barre is suitable for all body types and all levels of experience.


Barre is fun

you will definitely feel a delightful burn while doing Barre, and the sequence is set to uplifting music which motivates you to give each workout your all!


With Covid-19 being very much an ongoing reality, all safety protocols are adhered to. This includes personal hygiene practises, sanitizing all equipment after each use, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks where appropriate.

Please give me a shout if you have any questions. Hope to see you in class soon!

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